Your EAP program provides…

When you are enrolled with Cayuga Counseling’s Employee Assistance Program you will have support in coping with everyday stresses and strains so they won’t interfere with your job performance or family life.

Sometimes it helps to talk to an objective professional when dealing with difficulties such as marital discord, parent/child conflicts, job stress, depression, financial/legal concerns.


• Any contact with EAP is absolutely confidential.

• EAP records do not become part of the employee’s personnel record.

• Supervisors and other employees will not know of any telephone calls or interviews with EAP.

Skilled Professionals

• Services are provided by the Employee Assistance Program of Cayuga Counseling Services, Inc., 17 East Genesee Street, Auburn.

• EAP staff consists of professional counselors skilled in helping people with issues which may arise from everyday living (examples: marital conflict; child-parent conflict; stress management; grief counseling).

Free for employees

• There is no charge to any employee for use of EAP, provided that there is an existing contract between your employer and Cayuga Counseling Services, Inc.

• All EAP’s are sponsored by the employer/union.

• After three meetings with the EAP counselor, if further professional assistance is needed, insurance coverage may pay part of the fee for service, or sliding scale may be available.

No employee is ever denied EAP services.

How to make an appointment?

1. Call Cayuga Counseling Services at  (315) 253-9795.

2. Identify yourself as an EAP referral  and complete the intake process

3. Make your confidential appointment

Before the problem gets too big, talk to an EAP counselor and get a new perspective.